Our process

Step by step

Free initial design consultation

We begin our process with a free initial design consultation to help clarify the needs and goals of the project as well as the size of our brief. We use this opportunity to speak over some initial thoughts and to obtain a light brief such that we can quote for our design work to follow. Although tricky, it is a very positive move to be clear on budget for the specification of your home from the get-go such that we can achieve all your goals in a realistic manour. We can then also ascertain following our quote for the stages below how involved you would like us to be in achieving your dream home.

Interior Design in Highgate
Interior Design in Highgate


After being commissioned to begin the design stage, we will then take a full site survey if available, or work from architectural plans to begin with. We then develop as a team our initial design concept for each space we are working on, following any initial pointers in the client’s brief. This is then presented to the client in various forms, digital mood boards, 3D renderings, collaborative Pinterest boards and PowerPoint presentations.

Design development

We can’t stress enough how important the 3D software can be in the build / design process. It helps ensure smooth delivery and allows the client to visualise their home long before any site works commence. It allows for a fluid design process which is more engaging and gives us more opportunity to fine tune to our hearts content to achieve your dream space. A continuation of the processes outlined in the ‘concept’ stage, developing the chosen concepts until all schemes are agreed by our clients and signed off ready for delivery. This is a really important stage, and because it needs to be fluid, and to be able to react to any changes required it often is the largest sector of our overall process. It can also often run alongside the procurement and project management stages as it is a more organic process. We now also offer VR renderings, viewable on phones and VR headsets!

Interior Design in Highgate


In this sector we help source and deliver the perfect pieces for your project, from small items like door knobs, to much more technical details like Smart Home lighting. We receive great trade discount from well known high street stores as well as more independent suppliers which have unique offerings. This stage is important to ensure a smooth delivery of a project, allowing builders, decorators or installers to complete without delays as well as keeping it to budget.

Project Management

The amount of work involved in the project management can vary dependant on the needs of the client and the project. Sometimes this can be a few visits during the course of site work, but then alternatively can be several site visits a week to alleviate any pressure on the client. We are used to working in both styles, and happy to accommodate any requirements for this stage. We can be very beneficial to a project during this stage, overseeing the delivery, and resolving any unforeseen issues that can often arise. We would really recommend using our time during any snagging stages to use our keen eyes and knowledge.

Interior Design in Highgate
Interior Design in Highgate


After the core elements have been implemented and the dust has settled, we can be of help to make your home look picture perfect. We offer a dressing service which helps to fine tune your scheme with decorative accessories and titivation. This is a great way to add that final expression of your character to the space.